The Team

We are team BEETc – specialised in end-to-end bespoke events; also the brains behind The MarTech Summit, Chief Transformation Officer Summit and Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit (in-person & virtual). We’ve also done a bunch of customised events for various companies & partners.


A smiling woman

Lin Duan

Head of Events

The woman with the glasses

Xi Huang


The man with the tie

Matthew Lin

Head of Marketing

The woman with short hair

Elaine Li

Head of Partners

A smiling man

Rahmi Atalay

Head of Social Strategy

A smiling woman

Catherine Collinge

Event Director

A man with glasses

Teddy Fung

Events Executive

A woman with long hair

Inna Belmpa

Marketing Executive

A smiley woman with pictures in the background

Namsa Kang Zhu

Global Events Executive