Welcome to our dynamic event services company!

We’re a tight-knit team of individuals passionate about delivering exceptional networking and learning experiences. Our focus is on curating cutting-edge, tailor-made content that fosters meaningful connections for growth and collaboration.

From exclusive closed-door executive events to virtual gatherings and bespoke experiences, we break knowledge boundaries. We meticulously orchestrate events and produce original research for our audience.

You may know us as the creators of The MarTech Summit and CXO Innovation Summit, each with unique content and select attendees. We also offer a range of customised events to meet your needs.

Join us in redefining the art of bringing people together to learn, connect, and thrive! 

Lin Duan

Head of Events

Matthew Lin

Head of Marketing

Elaine Li

Head of Partnerships

Catherine Collinge

Event Director

Teddy Fung

Event Director

Inna Belmpa

Marketing Executive

Namsa Kang Zhu

Global Events Executive

Tiffany Nguyen

Digital Marketing Executive

Despoina Patronia

Finance Associate

Xi Huang

General Counsel


Chief Beach Officer

Fat Fat

Nap Specialist


Senior Park Executive


Ballchasing Associate