BEETc Environmental Policy

At BEETc, we are mindful and committed to minimising the environmental impact of our events and promoting sustainability. This policy outlines our commitment to environmental responsibility and the steps we will take to reduce our ecological footprint. 


Being in the events industry, travelling and printing is inevitable but we do our best to minimise this through 4 principles: 

  • Sustainability: We aim to create events that are environmentally sustainable and contribute positively to the community. 
  • Reduction: We prioritise reducing waste, emissions, and resource use. 
  • Recycling: We encourage the recycling and reuse of materials. 
  • Education: We educate and engage our stakeholders on environmental issues and sustainable practices.



  • Where possible, we will always use digital signage 
  • For multi day summits, we print attendee badges just once 
  • We place all key information online, such as floorplans, agenda, surveys etc. 
  • For printed items, we make the design timeless so they can be reused for future summits 
  • Encourage our exhibitors to not use print single use items 



  • Our team will always take public transport or carpool and of offset carbon emissions where possible. 
  • We provide public transport to all attendees to our summits. 
  • By hosting virtual summits, we not only eliminate the need for our team to travel, but for our attendees too. 


Venue Choices 

We choose our venues not only for their space but also their consideration for the environment. Our venue sourcing team will evaluate several aspects, such as: 

  • Venues that have strong environmental policies and practices. 
  • Opt for locations that are easily accessible by public transportation. 
  • Use outdoor or naturally lit venues to minimise energy consumption. 
  • Choose venues that have minimal or no use of single use plastics and provide water refill stations. 
  • Have sustainable catering, such as no single use cutlery and menus that have food sourced locally/seasonally.  


Our Office 

  • Our office is in a central, well connected location, convenient for all staff members to travel in, not only reducing time but emissions as well. 
  • We have a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle policy, reducing our energy usage where we can, reusing items and recycling our waste. 
  • Our building also has B Corp status, a global network of 6,000 companies committed to creating a more sustainable environment and build stronger communities.  



Our team also takes parts in regular charity days throughout the year. We’ve participated in beach clean ups, sustainable farming and logistic transport. We also work closely with other charities at our summits. 

Continuous Improvement 

Sustainability is a never-ending learning experience. Our team stays informed on best practices and innovations in sustainable event management. 

We regularly review and assess our environmental performance and policy effectiveness, any new developments and feedback will lead to an update of our policies and practices. 


Last Updated: 12 June 2024